Jaw-dropping story: Kid gets shot with shotgun multiple times and survives. WATCH!


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He forgot to buy kevlar.

Seriously though, it's insane the kind of mindset some kids and places have to where you can waste someone purely for a gang initiation. So thankful I wasn't wrapped up in any of that.


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Man, that was very hard to listen to the whole story.

I am very selecting on who I hang out with and who to stay away from.

Here is the video:

I really enjoy listening to peoples situations theyve been put through against all odds on all scales & see them come out completely different but with such a positive vibe & outlook on life ,
its just too bad that it takes people to hit rock bottom to reach an understanding of that outlook .

That is a great story though , Im glad he made it
great story. didnt cry but feel for the kid tho from what he went through and was strong to do all that. i think from story like this it makes people stronger and live their life more to the fullest. check out this pictures i took with my iphone. they are all from mountain biking from the bay area i start doing this because i be having free time on the weekend. IMG_0016.JPG