agreed, sin.


Keep your post respectful if you want to earn the respect of the people here in the forums. being rude in the pub and forums can still get you banned.


The 47 Ronin
jackson, in the future, i'd suggest NOT calling squad members or admins any type of dispariging names - it doesn't earn you points and certainly doesn't make you any friends on this server.

i can understand being disappointed and perhaps disgruntled at being banned, presumably unfairly, but reacting with class is always better than being an ass.

my $.02

Agreed but note jackson wasnt calling our squad names but another squad. But yeah watch what you say in general.


Staff member
Jackson, if you ever disrespect or refer to our admins like you did, I will personally ban you.
Learn some manners. There is no excuse.

civil servant

The 47 Ronin
I don't recall any of our admins being noobs or panicky. I've encountered that sort of thing in other servers but never in any of ours. I'd say that's a poor assessment, perhaps by both parties directly involved in this string cheese incident.