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He said he tried to join the forums but he couldn't..
anyways I don't think he will be registering to the forums anymore after that video.
I'm sure everyone in jail or prison claims to be innocent of the charges against them. it wouldn't be any fun if they all admitted their guilt or pleaded guilty. LOLOLOL

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Luckily, we don't have any need for Miranda warnings here.

IceWolf signs off on the arrest warrant for Jackson based on Cutscene's affidavit and observations.
The warrant is executed within a day of issuance. Defendant Jackson, at the hearing, denies the allegations made in the affidavit.
Magistrate laughs and keeps the ban on.

el jorge loco

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Without going onto a full blown discussion on Miranda, essentially it only prohibits testimonial evidence/confessions/statements made in violation of Miranda. Here, there is Physical Evidence from the recording made by Cutscene. Under Patane, physical evidence seized even with a faulty Miranda warning is still admissible at trial. Additionally, even statements made in violation of Miranda can be used for impeachment processes if the defense brings the issue up for trial purposes, as well as at Grand Jury Reviews.


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I havent viewed demo yet but if we only have 1 demo i dont support ban since he's appealing (at work cant view demo)