Is Yoga gay?

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I've been thinking about getting into some yoga. I've asked some friends and they all think it's gay. But I'm not so sure. What do you guys think. Below is a video of my trainer? Your opinions are appreciated.


Stretching is extremely healthy for you. But yes, Yoga is gay. Dudes in spandex, crazy ass names for positions "blossoming flower" always someone getting too relaxed and passing gas.

However, the chicks are hot when they aren't 40 year old soccer moms.
Where is the yoga class taught at? if it is taught at a college, your friends are fail. I checked out the yoga class at my school (OCC. hot. bitches) and it was mostly girls with some guys littered around. Plus, it'll help with your flexibility/balance/strength for sports and for sex.

I used to work at this store, I got so much shit for it from the guys. Then I started telling them "hold on, hold on, you guys have no idea, tons of 17-25 year old girls come in. Guys HATE coming into this store, more girls for me. And even if I don't pick up chicks, I definitely improved being able to strike up bs convos with hot girls. Wouldn't it be more gay to work at a store where only guys go to? Metalshop, woodshop, auto store, gym, gay shit to work at."
In the end, I did a couple customers I met for quite some time. Worth it? Yes.

Maybe you'll meet a nice flexible girl and she'll screw her way to your heart with things like the Elephant, Praying Mantis, and other great positions.

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You don't need to wear spandex for Yoga. Loose fitting is just as effective. PJ pants (slightly shorter, so that the cuff sits above your ankle) and loose shirt is really what you need.

Since you're beginning, you really won't be doing the advanced level stuff, probably a few easy poses like the Warrior
I do p90x yoga every week. If yoga is gay then you're basically saying that every professional athlete is gay. Yoga works every muscle in your body and I encourage every one to do it. When I do yoga I usually wear basketball shorts with no shirt or a muscle shirt. Do the basic yoga first and if you have what it takes try the p90x yoga( it is not easy)