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Is hardening stainless steel necessary?


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Hi everyone,

I'm posting this into the non-sense section because it doesn't make much sense to most people to harden stainless steel even further to improve properties such as wear resistance. As most people know, stainless steel is quite hard and wear resistant already. Of course it depends on which type of stainless steel you're talking about. But most stainless steel grades range from ~ 200 - 240 HB (in comparison, Brinell Hardness of gold, a rather soft metal, is around 180 HV). Also stainless steel is supposed to be very wear resistant and hardly ever rust. But then I came across this website which states that stainless steel can/should be further hardened. But HOW necessary is that? And in which cases should it be done?

Thanks in advance!


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That's too bad. I would've liked to discuss this :D If you want to learn more, I could maybe recommend some sources to you?


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If it's been forged in any way, it does become brittle to the point where it breaks under incredibly light force so yeah hardening in most purposes is very important.


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My question is for what application would you want to use this for? If you were to need a harder material, would you not just buy one, for what reason would you want to put a stainless steel product into a furnace? If you did, is stainless steel in most applications coated to prevent rusting hence to purpose for stainless steal. Why not go with titanium or a tungsten variant? Just curious? Just really wondering what the application would be used for... lol