Introduction Eagle

Real Name: Emilio
Age: 24
Job: bit of construction hoping to get a job at newegg they are about 10 minutes from where I live.
Something about yourself: I Like to run and hike. I will start preparing for the L.A. marathon in August.
Favorite game: Dota/wc3 stopped playing while waiting for dota 2 ;)
Favorite site to visit: dslreports
Hobby: Running, basketball, Video games of course, and um reading(currently reading skeleton crew).
Favorite Food: ceviche and in-n-out
Other: Starting playing CSS in May 2011 and its the only first person shooter game I can tolerate.


The 47 Ronin
welcome to the forums man! fast learner to be ownin that quick on css too. Dota and WC3 is my favorite game as well by far. I did not know Dota 2 was coming out though, that should be awesome whats the slated date?
Dota 2 is valves next game and should come out later this year on stream, maybe November. And they hired icefrog to develop it so I know they will get it right.