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Been on the forums for a few weeks now forgot to give a proper intro i kind of forgot to since i recognize more then half of the names lol. Basically joined to chit chat with some new people, that i enjoy playing css with. a little about myself im into cars and basketball, and work at a civil engineering firm while going to school. im 21 years old, live in orange county. if your trying to figure out a problem with your car i might be able to give you some suggestions and the best way to fix some issues let my know and ill be glad to help.

and here is a photo of the two cars i drive at the moment sl500 is my daily and s2k is the weekend ride/track toy thats the reason for the damaged front end.
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Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
Nice to see you here! Don't forget to friend Admins and clan members when you see us in game

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