I have internet back, finally. Comcast kicked us off for going over the 250 gig limit 3 months in a row. But they never said anything and then wouldn't let us upgrade to business class to fix the problem, which is unlimited. Fucking Comcast. Sooooooo... now I have Centurylink, previously Qwest. It blows so far. Anyone have any suggestions?


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Have you tried AT&T U-Verse?
They use the same type of technology Verizon uses, except they don't run fiber directly to your home, they use your phone line to bring the internet to you.
Still its 100x better than DSL.


Yeah they had a deal going so I have 20mbs locked in for 3years for $39.99. 40mbs was only 49.99 but they didn't have it in my area :(


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Wow...AT&T charges $63 monthly for only 24Mbps...lame.
Their upload speeds have been terrible over the years..
Only 1.5Mbps.