Incident w/ California Cops

el jorge loco

Staff member
Lol yesterday I spotted two motorcycle cops hiding on the sidewalk trying to catch cell phone users. Epic fail.
They actually catch quite a few people doing that Spray. Especially in areas surrounding metropolitan areas or highly affluent neighborhoods. People do it, I see it, you see it, but they are only NOW enforcing it strictly.
Ya becareful when driving near the end of the months, cops will look for anything to pull you over. They have to meet their quota for the month. Sometimes here in Modesto a pack of cops would line up together and then pull ppl over for stupid reasons. It's retarded... Since we pay then with our tax money.
This is exactly what happened. These patrol officers are pressured by their commanders to write a certain amount of tickets. Shitty luck that you had to drive by a cop behind on his quota.