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I'm thinking heavily of quitting the 5v5 comptitive matchmaking...


I'm just getting beyond fed up with all the fucking little kids that dont care. Im a nova 2, recently demoted, and I feel like getting with a team that is decent or has good teamwork, its by complete chance. Its like gambling, sometimes you have a good team with 5 people having microphones, other times, its a bunch of 15 year olds shooting chickens, buying awps and going the opposite of their team and dying, and noone is talking. 100% waste of fucking time.

Also, the griefing.......ugh god save me, the griefing. Idk. I think ima stick with the 5v5 servers or the ronin server when it has players on it. I'm really fond of the headshot only servers too, theyre too fun. I'm just fucking done with competitive for awhile. Idk. I know this is the internet and you the freedom to be an idiot if you please, but if youre not going to take mming seriously, i cannot understand why you hop on it.


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I can't imagine how frustrating that'd be. I pretty much play our CSS server 100%, which is nowhere near as serious and still dread being the only one w/ a mic (on a team of 10+ even).
And unfortunately, being a troll online has been an evergrowing cool/fun thing to be with kids these days and the waste-of-time griefing seems to be a good part of it. I say it all the time with hackers, someone's wrong with people if they're idea of a good time is spending their whole night ruining others'.

Side note:
I hadn't even heard of a headshot-only server. Sounds like hacker heaven as you can't weed out by stats with everyone at 100% headshots per kill. :p


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I wish there was a way to get back at all these kids who troll, and also hackers. It really is crazy that people get off by being little assholes. I feel like people used to troll differently, like they were good and talked shit and then shot your face off. Now, people don't even attempt to get good, just join games to fuck over their own teammates.

CS in general is frustrating, throw in trolls and hackers and you've got yourself a shit storm. I rarely have fun mming, but I don't enjoy GO all that much to begin with. I needs my 1 deags


Yeah i hear all of that. I keep wanting to think, as you gain rank in csgo and get to a higher level, the bullshit has got to slow down, but i'm probably wrong. In csgo they have that "overwatch system", but it seems likes it complete bullshit. They say that it tags playerws who act kind of suspicious, but ive never heard or seen anything come from it personally.

The headshot only servers are a lot of fun. Its a damn good training tool, as well. I cant seem to find a lot of hackers on that server, and i think the guys that are top frag are just fucking wizards at the game. Its pretty enjoyable though.

But as far as csgo mm, i think im done. It feels like a waste of time on 70% of my games. Even when there isnt trolls or hackers, you get a lot of shit talking from people on your team that drives me up a wall. For example, last night in mm, on dust 2, I was T. We were gonna do a smg rush down B, and i really enjoy sending 4 guys to rush b and 1 guy to watch the tunnels/stairs. I announced i was gonna watch stairs, the guy with the bomb refused to rush b because "we all had to go in". Idk, i could be wrong on this one, but a lot of times i can get a pick on stairs/tunnels, and at the very least, i can prevent a flank. Maybe thats me though. Regardless, the guy with the bomb would forever keep talking shit on me the entire fucking match. I cant mute people because i need communication, the whole situation was terrible.

Unless you have at least a 3 man lock, it can be a bad experience.


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When you get to a higher rank it becomes more fun. Add me and we will queue, see if we can get you up a rank or two.


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Play in the pub a lot more, watch some pro streams and get a hang of the little things. Find a custom CSGO config that will allow for max settings (I can link mine, it's a pretty gnarly setup)

The 47r cs:go server is filled with a lot of Global elite & supreme guys so it's a fun challenge


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The urge to play these kinds of matches comes and goes for me and i just don't have the time to dedicate to hours of playing anymore. Stable, Spray, and I had some decent teams going a short while back and made it to Legen Eagle/Supremes. It's definitely hard w/o a constant group of people to play with.


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I usually just say fuck them and do my own thing lol. If they don't wanna work together fuck them go get some kills and start buying auto or p90. Sometimes I got to the point where I just TKed them and left the game. I started off double ak (master guardian 2?) after my placement match then fell to Nova 3(3 silver star) recently got back to master guardian 2 but man took a while to rank up. Funny thing is I ranked up faster winning against Nova players than from Supreme and Distinguished Master guardians. Best to play with one or two friends in MM nowadays rather than going in blind solo que.

@A-Rich Lol they use to have those in CSS as well. But it was usually one of those zombie servers XD. My god our CSS servers sometimes go as a team or just split and do their own shit. Funny thing is we usually do better as a split rather than going as a team for some reason :p


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You need to friend the good players that you play with as most of the people in the clan are much higher rank that nova 2. Its hard for me at times as well as most everyone is much higher than AK 1... lol