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I'm Autoraider


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Hello and welcome. My uncle is a repo guy in the Dallas area. Poor guy is always tired from the work.


The 47 Ronin
Auto here...I repo cars in the LA area. started new company a couple of years ago...its a struggle to say the least. I live and work from the san fernando area...I have a son who is an IT for a law firm in LA with offices all over the country. I have a Daughter in new zealand who works with troubled teens...I have one still at home who plays soccer for an ECNL club team, Eagles (ranked 40 aprox. in the nation) in Camarillo...and also plays Basket ball for Alemany (ranked 9 aprox. in the nation) in mission hills. thats about it...oh I have LPR camares if any one is looking for some one I just need a license plate to run in the system and poof ... LOL
AutoRaider = do you steal cars? j/k

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