I want to protect American Jobs he said.....


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i remember my uncle saying the americans need a stern leader with balls. Bush was re-elected and look how that shit turned out. but im a canadian. what do i know. :p
Bush on the 2nd term....poor guy was being disrespected from both sides...

Trump is the type of guy that would want to go to war with Iran, Russia, and whoever got on his way without even thinking about it, that's pretty scary if you ask me. More wars = more debt.
If you go to war with these nations you end up creating more bad than good, look at the whole Iraq situation with ISIS, it turned into a shit hole, do you think Iraq is better off without Saddam? I don't think so when you look at things now....and we have yet to find any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!
I doubt Iraq would have been a threat to us ever.


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this is why i keep my canadian citizenship, even though ive lived in the U.S for all but 6 months of my life.

we need to stop this propaganda freedom bullshit, because honestly its making other countries (iraq) situations worse. people call vietnam a mistake?! there are no words to describe iraq.

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Trump is a blowhard, but A-Rich is right. Everyone is too uptight nowadays. While I haven't looked into this Visa thing, I don't blame business men for making the most economical choice. It's the laws that need to change, you can't really expect most owners to do so.

Bush and Iraq.. he should have fought a war, not tried to build a country. At least that's how I see it. To say they are worse now... that I'm not so sure of. Could get worse tho. It's interesting the philosophers that have written about Democracies and the way (as well as frequency) that they go about war. They certainly don't do it the way authoritarians do. And sometimes, that's a bad thing.

If you want to "bring freedom," you have to finish what you start. Don't do half the work, get tired of it, and leave a power vacuum.
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"3. Everyone on board. A third reason was the overwhelming bipartisan support in Congress, in the media, and among the public — for reasons well beyond WMD. In October 2002, both houses of Congress passed 23 writs justifying the removal of Saddam, an update of Bill Clinton’s 1998 Iraq Liberation Act. Senators Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Harry Reid were among those who not only enthusiastically called for Saddam’s removal, but also warned of intelligence estimates of Saddam’s WMD arsenals. Pundits on both sides, from Thomas Friedman to George Will, likewise supported the invasion, which on the eve of the war enjoyed over 70 percent approval from the American people. Bush, in that regard, had achieved what Clinton had not on the eve of the Serbian War — he had obtained a joint resolution of support from Congress before attacking, and had taken nearly a year in concerted (though failed) attempts to win U.N. approval for Saddam’s removal. Had Bush not gone to Congress, had he made no attempt to go to the U.N., had he had no public support, or had he been opposed by the liberal press, he probably would not have invaded Iraq." -- source below link.

Read more at: Why Did We Invade Iraq? | National Review Online
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