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I want to protect American Jobs he said.....


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He keeps talking about his success in the industry and his business venture, yet the douche bag has filed for bankruptcy 4 times! I don't call that a successful man.


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I've never really been into politics, but Trump is something else. We know he's had his failures and comebacks. He's a risk taker, which could be good or could be bad for our country (everyone else better prepared seems to be screwing things up anyway). He's probably not really qualified or educated enough in the government world, but I think there's a good number of people that think it's refreshing to hear someone speak their mind and be blunt about things, even if it's offensive to some. I feel like our country is becoming more and more wussified, apologizing for everything and being afraid to ever speak their mind or go against the flow. You say or do one thing that some small group doesn't agree to and you're yelp-reviewed out of business or receive death threats. Whether or not he's even a real consideration, it's somewhat refreshing for someone to have no fear and shake things up.

Kinda reminds me of T-mobile's John Legere. He can seem like an unprofessional jerk, and whether or not his risks in shaking up the mobile carrier world pays off, it's got Verizon, AT&T & Sprint off their butts working to compete on better plans/services.

I'm not saying I'd even vote for Trump, but I'd believe more in him claiming change than Obama ever did.


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i remember my uncle saying the americans need a stern leader with balls. Bush was re-elected and look how that shit turned out. but im a canadian. what do i know. :p


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At least the immigrants will work (i hope) and contribute to economy(?). Worker immigrants are usually young, hard working, and don't mind getting paid less. I could be wrong.