I remember one of your talking about being a paramedic


The 47 Ronin
Anyone remember who exactly that was? I'm beginning EMT courses and have a lot of questions. It would be nice to pick your brain whether you are a new EMT, maybe a career paramedic/fireman or even if you have only done the training. Maybe one of you has a friend I could talk to through email or facebook even? I don't care, just let me know! :)
Did you ever hear back from anyone? I STARTED to get into EMT courses, but heard too many bar stories about shit pay, long hours, low rewards for your efforts, yada yada yada. I talked to 2 former EMT and paramedic, they said the same thing. Not to dissuade you from going into it. I think it's an awesome career, but its negatives far outweighs its positives. For me at least.. I have mad respect for EMTs and paramedics, just not what I want to be doing for a career, I guess.
Also, in WA you have to read Emergency Medical Responder by Barbra Aehlert. Lemme know if you are in need of it for your courses, you can have it. Its a little wrinkled around the edges, but it's still an 80 dollar book.