I Need A PC

hello friends,
i am finally a real adult and have extra $$ that i would like to go towards a PC. i don't need anything fancy - just something that will run CS:S. that's literally the only game i would like to start playing again. any suggestions would be wonderful!

thanks in advance,


el jorge loco

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Hi BB!

So @Hunter and I have been working together purchasing parts for the past month to buy parts for my new gaming rig. Granted, I decided to go on the high end of things, but given my costs right now, if you are going for nothing too fancy, I think you can squeak by for around $1000-1200.

el jorge loco

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Desktop I think is always more bang for your buck - mainly because if anything happens, you can always swap out, and parts are miniaturized for space consideration. Granted, it takes awhile for a laptop's parts to start degrading to the point where they don't work anymore for basic games.

Having looked at some of the costs, consider going last gen on parts and you can get good value for "oldish" parts.


The 47 Ronin
Build a mini ITX rig using a GTX 750i would run anything at 1080p.
I built my daughter a book-size computer that would grind anything on her 27" 1080p


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The 47 Ronin
You can run CS:S w/ onboard vid these days :p

What's your budget and what does that include?
Are you getting a new monitor?
if so, what's the res? if not, what's the res of your current monitor?


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You should not have any problem getting a rig that will run CS:S for very cheap being that the damn game is super old and does not require a ton of resources to run... think its more of a how fast do you want it to run kind of a deal. I have been out of the building PC's since i built mine 6 years ago so don't know the specifics but I am betting you can get a pretty fast rig for around 700 if all your wanting to do is play CSS.