I need a good mouse....


The 47 Ronin
I would say it depends on you you can look at the design on the websites i linked and see which one will be good for your hand.
But i would say the 300 or 400 looks comfy since its like my G3 mouse


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i use this bb - it gives me the happies. fits very well in my hand, my son's and my daughter's hands, respectively. give it a serious look, you won't be disappointed, imho.

Mionix Naos 3200 Black Wired LED-optical Mouse

make sure to read the user reviews... at least the first two pages are right on with pros and cons, imho. the biggest issue for me was switching from laser to optical - every time i'd lift the mouse it'd continue to move 'cause the sensor was so powerful. i discovered if you place a small piece of transparent tape over the sensor, it works perfectly. easily the most comfortable mouse i've ever used and it continues to track wonderfully, 6 months later, even on my over-used desk