I know recruitment is closed, but im ready for next.

Here is a list of things you must accomplish to get in the squad
1. Knife cutscene
2. Knife ghonzo
3. Knife haze.
4. Give civil an eskimo kiss in real life.
5. Rename your child Ronin.
6. Find icewolf and challenge him to a fight to the death.

Nah jk, I'm only serious about the eskimo kisses with civil. Keep up the activity on the forums and server!

got enon today.... does that count?
and i got ghonzo.... but i didnt get a screen shot, just a text shot.... fml.... still counts!

"Ghonzo[Noob Style] killed PaJaMaS :_______VapedHard______ with p90.
Gødling killed your ping is too damn high with hegrenade.
ДДº Drizzle connected.
Ghonzo[Noob Style] killed AK 47 Technique #YouGotGayed ! with ak47.
The Dirty Dugger killed Ghonzo[Noob Style] with knife.
Gødling killed sirrapenstien with p90.
vKami killed Nutbutter with ak47.
vKami killed 2guys1cup with ak47."