I have to get this off my chest.

I have to say this because it's driving me crazy and I don't understand it at all. I love the united states, I served and would have died for the cause without hesitation. That is until now, I don't understand where america is going. We have lost our roots on what this country was built upon. First off is this reality t.v. crap. Real housewives, jersey shore and others I cannot believe that this how people are viewing america. I feel ashamed when I view the crap that other nations look at these shows and the stupid shit people have done to screw over hard working americans that it makes me sick to my stomach. Is this what I got injured for? I almost lost my left arm, I have permanent damage too my brain, back, arm, you name it. And here I see some stupid spoiled girl named "snookie" drunk off her ass passed out and getting arrested and then saying this is how all people want to live!

what ever happened to working for a cause, caring for you're fellow man and helping them out in a time of need? It's like we have replaced "we the people" with "I the person". me, me, me,me is what this country is about. We have wallstreet throwing away our money, government can't agree on one thing and then the people who helped put us in this mess got money to bail themselves out of the mess while the american people paid the price. But it doesn't stop there. You have people 50 grand in debt with credit cards yet they are yelling it's someone's elses fault. Where is the self responsibility? Did you really need three cars when it's you and you're wife? Did you need the boat and the house upgrades to live a comfortable life? Have we forgot how bad other countries are? Here we are (I say we are because that is exactly the way other countries view america) over extending ourselves and then claiming that they were duped or didn't understand the fine print.

I was offered a house in 2008 with no money down, approved without a checking my job status or financial security (meaning at the time I was only getting my VA and not my social security) and people either not caring about the fine print or hoping that nothing goes wrong in there financial situations sign the dotted line and then have the nerve to say it's not there fault they cannot pay the mortgage. I'm sorry but most of the people (not all) have no one else to blame but themselves. Everyone needs to slow down. In order to turn this country around we need to stop wanting luxury stuff and live within our means. It just pisses me off when people have no self respect or dignity to stand up and take responsibility for their actions. you're living paycheck to paycheck then you shouldn't sign on the dotted line that states you're mortgage rates will go up after 6 months and it may go beyond you're income. It's the banks fault for offering the house but it's also you're fault for signing the stupid dotted lines without asking your self if you can afford it after 6 months.

I have empathy for most americans for the banks screwing us over but I don't have sympathy for them because they are just as much to blame as the sales person who came to the house and gave you the mortgage. Then we expect the government to punish those who acted and knew what the end result could be but what happens? They get paid bonuses instead. Yet we have the nerve to bitch and complain while sitting on our couch watching stupid people getting drunk, fighting, or trying to say this is how americans are. I am a true american, I believe in helping a fellow man even if that means it will make life a little harder for a while. I believe in standing up and facing my mistakes and accepting blame. I believe love is an earned feeling and not based on stupid shit like money, looks and security. If you truly love someone then that is all the security you need. I also believe in punishing those to take advantage of others. I believe this country is the greatest country in the world yet when I see myself dieing for this country I wish my last thoughts were about my family and my country. Not about snookie or "the situation" getting hammered and in a bar fight. In my opinion t.v. is crap, the way of judging ones life is crap now, I am not rich, I have two vehicles one for my wife and one for me, I have a mortgage that is within my means even though I could have got a house for another 100 grand more, I have zero credit card debt, I help out my neighbors when they needed a vehicle and food for there kids and I wrote letters after letters to my congressman asking if he honestly believes that I'm retarded enough to believe that they are punishing thoughs who started the whole recession in the first place.

Bottom line is we need to stand as one, we need to show not only our children and fellow man but other nations that america is not about reality t.v. or duping our fellow man, but we stand as one nation expecting the government to do as we ask since they work for us. It's not the other way around, yet I don't see the rallies at the white house demanding action. I shit you not, I stayed every single day for almost an entire week sitting at my congressmans office demanding a written response on his actions towards the recession. That is my right as an american. He finally wrote one and basically said the same crap, his team is curently assessing the situation and will bring justice to those who knowingly commited fraud. Knowingly, how do you not know? How did the banks not know people couldn't pay for the house they have after the freaking percentage rates flew sky high? A retarded monkey in a business suit seems like a better option than some of the congressman we have in the office right now. If I have offended anyone I appologize and respect you're own views, this is my view, I can't stand to see the most beautiful country in the world being broken down by greed. Greed for money, greed for fame, and basically shitting on you're fellow man. That's not my america. you're thoughts.


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Wow man, all I have to say is I agree with you 100%.
People blame the banks, I love it when customers tell me its our fault that have gotten them to this place.
I agree with you, we would not have been in this mortgage crisis if people were more responsible.
I pay off my credit cards to 0 every month, because I know how much I can spend and how much I can afford.
Everyone should save whatever they can every month, you do not need to eat fast food everyday.
You don't need 200+ channels if you are only going to watch 20 of them regularly.
You don't need 40 pairs of shoes if you only going to wear them 5 times..
I can go on and on..
There is a reason America has dropped their AAA credit ratings, its not all our governments fault, but the people that live within the US!

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Wow, a quality thread. First of all, i am pleased to see some one other then myself disgusted at reality tv, and all the bullshit that North AMerica is based on right now. I have been saying for years, wtf happend to good old tv shows. I used to watch tv to escape from reality, not to turn it on to live through some one elses.

I am Proudly Canadian, I may not live through the situations that you Americans have been/are going through, but i do read the news, and the paper, and i dont' disagree with you one bit. The banks are to blame, But more so the people, and worse off they arent accoutable for there actions.

Recently in Vancouver, at the conclusion of the stanley cup final game(Game 7 boston vs vancouver) A few yoyos brought gas cans, hammers, and what ever else to start rioting, and the news blew the whole situation out of proportion. There were 50 or 60 anarchists that started this bs, and because of that Vancouver gets labeled. I consider those actions triesen, in my mind punishable by death, but how did our police respond, they didn't. WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT.

I injured my shoulder at work last october and i will have a perminant disability, i will never be able to lift my arm above the height of my shoulder. I have to find a job, as hard as it is right now, to make it through this world. Yet there are welfare scammers collecting cheques monthly to blow on crack, and heroin.

The world disgusts the best of us latly, we need more pure hearted people, people willing to fight for what they want, people smart enough to live within there means. If you dont have the money, DONT FUCKING BUY IT.

I agree with you 100% george, and thankyou for your voice.

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George, I agree with you that folks are just out to blame someone else before themselves for their own fiscal irresponsibility. I don't think I have much to say on that end that I have not made clear before at least when it comes to my opinion. Banks are a fault of course, but so are the fools who thought they could get shit without being able to pay for it. Also agree with how Ice does it. Buy what you need, pay off everything, and don't let your credit card interest build, etc.

However, on the reality tv end, a lot of folks abroad who don't know Americans very well do very much relate those shows to how Americans as a whole act. That is an unfortunate reality.

As for politicians, the problem is that they are beholden to their constituency and the people who pay for their campaigns; however, the latter group has more power. Without that money, politicians can't get into the view of their constituency. Folks like Sen. Ron Paul shell out their own cash and can do what they want + what his constituency wants. But most politicians need both public funding plus private funding to pay for campaign supplies and staff. So promises get forgotten in favor of keeping fundraising sources happy. Honestly George, you're doing what you should be doing. Demanding more of the guy who got voted in (even if you didn't vote for him, but so long as you voted) is your right as an American citizen. It is total shit that congressmen, representatives and senators can't be more open about their agendas for fear of being taken down from office for one or the other.
Read the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People". Its a book from 1936 but ive been reading it recently and it has completely changed the way i view other people.
SG I totally agree with your sentiment. I think our country needs a wake-up call. When I heard about the news of those servicemen who died in the chinook in Afghanistan and at the same time i see news about the drunk reality TV actress, it makes me sick. I have more respect for those brave military people putting their lives on the line for their country than I do for the spoiled, idiotic people on TV. I just wish there was a big movement in our country to get back to the things that matter. Instead I hear the same old BS from news. If we don't change for the better, we're going to lose everything that made this country great.


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to me it all comes down to one word..

Narcissism ... Our society that has developed in the last 40 years starts with the failing of education and the irresponsibility of the Baby Boomer Generation.. I hate to say it.. but most of those born from that Gen has the biggest hand in destroying what my grandparents (WW1 and WW2 generation) worked so hard to build..