I fell a little behind this week being gone.

So, I know I sent the power supply for greggo, I have the headset for yarr I just need your address but I forgot who I was sending the case too. I have it packaged up and boxed but did not put the name to the address. So whoever you are let me know so I can send this off (PM me or send me a message in the forums.) now I have some stuff I'm not selling but getting rid of that I no longer need. The following is first come first serve and are in great condition either I got them for free or got them with a package deal:

numerous ATI crossfire bridges so if you need some don't buy them hit me up and I can send them too you.

Also three SLI bridges, need em I have them.

G-13 7.1 surround sound headset I no longer use.

Logitech G9x mouse I no longer use, in great condition tried it loved it but it was just a tad small for my hand.

ATI 4650 video card

an ARTIC COOLER 5870 custom fan set up, it drops any 5870 temperature around 20 degrees lower than the standard fans. It's complete was 60 dollars but now it's free since I do not have a card. Never used it anyways.

RAZOR mouse gaming pads 2 barely used.

I also have some games but I'm saving those for another occasion, I am not putting these in the selling part because these are not for sale they are free, I basically do not want to hassle of trying to price out them and I don't feel right asking for money for something I got for free. All I will ask is that you pay for the shipping of the items. Thats it. Anyways It's first come, first server so post up like this:



Time and Date:

copy and paste that. Thanks guys.


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"G-13 7.1 surround sound headset I no longer use." Do you mean these? Logitech - G35 Surround Sound Headset As there is no G-13 headset

If so I'd gladly pay shipping for them.

Name: Philip

Item: Headset

Time and Date: 7:40 PM PST 9-4-11

You can PM me your paypal or let me know which ever method of money transfer you prefer.