I am in urgent need of help!


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I really like the idea of including her in your costume choice, she should enjoy that you thought of her. As far as dancing? You can't bullshit the ability to dance or not and would only suggest you be honest with her. Tell her you're willing and able but may have two left feet. Good chance she will enjoy this kind of honesty and even enjoy the challenge of showing you how to dance.

Lol thanks guys. I settled on Harry Potter, as its easy and this is last minute (plus I was raised in the potter generation...) She's one of my best friends though so she is very aware of the dancing situation. Thanks for the ideas though guys! I totally would have done muscleglasses...


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Alright heres the lowdown. Cute girl wants to go to Halloween dance. Dehugger wants to go with her. Problem: 1) dancing [however, this is not the issue currently at hand] 2) Costume. Dehugger has never dressed up for Halloween. Dehugger needs help.
really? haha if she likes you dancing wont matter. Go as a KKK member.

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Firstly on dancing Dehug: Unless you're a pro dancers from Glee, I highly doubt she will care bout your moves... unless you pulls out "SHOW ME YOUR MOVES!" Then you do a Falcon PAUNCH! Don't sweat that. Any idiot who listens to music and move around to the music even if you're the whitest kid you know.

Costume: Presidential Masks and a suit you can mess up or get dirty is always a good one.
Let us know how it went. Serious questions 1) did she touch your wiener at all? How much of the dance did you have a woodie? What dance moves did you use? My dance date liked my chainsaw move.