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...Overclock? I was LANning with some friends today and they were talking about how they overclocked their graphics cards and processors and I realized that I have never looked into it, much less even tried it.

What are the dangers of it? And how would I go about overclocking?


ive never overclocked, but the dangers are: ruining your computer

if your components get too hot, theyll melt and then not work
make sure you get advice from a reliable source

also cuts into your computers natural decay rate (meaning your comp will progressively get worse as most computers do)

and also ask yourself:
is overclocking really necessary?


The 47 Ronin
Overlocking is fun!!!

you can get 10% to 40% more performance out of your computer. Like Walls said, the faster something runs the hotter it will get ,so you have to think of ways to cool it down.
All my computers in my house were overlocked, including my kids' PC and I have never have anything burn up or failed.

see these threads:

My boy's PC 2600K default speed is 3.4ghz. I overclocked to 4.7ghz. I got 1.3ghz free performance, remember!!! 1.3ghz for all 4cores (8 threads).

My GTX680 was 15% overlocked and my score was ~15% more