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How to Write a Review (Generally)

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Writing reviews is a lot like writing any college-level essay. Folks like structure, headers, road signs, etc. Posting block-wall posts usually frustrates the reader for a multitude of reasons. Therefore, it is important, especially when writing a review, to break down what you are writing about.

A very simple way to put yourself in check is to limit the number of lines you have in a paragraph, even if you are still just talking about the same topic. It is visually pleasing to see chunks of information (after all that is how our brains work for the most part).

Here is a sample review that I have whipped up about a possibly fictitious game. And if it isn't a fictitious game, it is still a fictitious review.

Sample Review said:
Title: Hello Kitty Island Adventure

I know a lot of you guys will be laughing about this, but honestly Hello Kitty Island Adventure (HKIA) is a fairly interesting game. It is more than a standard RPG and offers a great deal of quests to do, coupled with amazing, though cartoon-heavy cinematics. Overall, I enjoyed this game. Have some reservations though.

Platform: Wii

HKIA offers an abundant selection 16 characters, each of them one of the many unique characters of the Sanrio Brand. Favorites tend to be Batz-Batz Maru and Dottie the Dog. Some people like Pekkle, and the most basic is of course the main protagonist, Hello Kitty.

15 characters (excluding the starter, Hello Kitty) are unlocked as you progress through the story and you are offered the opportunity to switch between characters of your choosing.

Overall the depth of the characters is fairly shallow and requires you to have some knowledge of Sanrio character stories on your own; however, the design of the actual characters give you a general sense as to each character's demeanor.

Hello Kitty Island Adventures begins with whichever character you pick, there are 16 in all, and you unlock individual characters are you go along. Depending on the character you pick, you get a slightly different view point of the same story. It begins with Hello Kitty's pet cat going missing and you need to find it. There are a wide variety of tools available to you, depending on the character you pick.

The story circles around finding Hello Kitty's lost cat. Along the way you visit many different characters and do even more silly jobs than you originally began with. Because the game is an open-ended sandbox, you don't have to perform any particularly linear tasks. In fact, you are often times awarded for not necessarily following a straight storyline completion.

As you progress through the portions of the story you are in control of, you are able to switch between characters at any point in the game. When you do so, the story of the character you have been playing will progress without you as the computer will take over based on the choices you have made with that character before you changed to a new character. For example, if you were playing Batz-Batz Maru and worked on your plane, Batz will continue to work on the plane in your absence.

Overall, the gameplay was fun as there was a great abundance of activities to do involving both movement and simple control on your Wii remote and nunchuk.

Most of the game utilizes the motion sensor on the Wii controller and nunchuk, only a few of the games require just the basic controller. Otherwise, the game offers a good amount of tips and tutorials (which can be turned off at any time through the in-game menu).

While the game is on the Wii, HKIA utilizes a faux-3D stylized design that makes it look 3D when in reality the depth is false. However, they execute the cartoons great, and the cinematics are highly enjoyable for their richness of color.

Voice Acting
This is where this game is deficient. Some of the characters voice actors are highly recognizable to those who watch enough English-dubbed anime, but they just don't match the characters for the most part. Honestly, this was the worst part of the game.

Overall Rating
As I said above, this game is highly entertaining just for its stupidity value. If you're just looking for a random game you can play with a young kid (girls, please don't subject a boy to this game), then this game works for you. However, if you want a game that is more intense, I suggest something other than Hello Kitty Island Adventure. I enjoyed this game, and give it a 7/10 for the Wii. You can definitely kill some time of this game.
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