how to tell if a game is ported over.

It's really pretty simple, check the direct x version of the game. If it's only direct x 9 (which is the only version stupid consoles use) then sadly your a port. If it's direct x 10 or 11 then they made the game for pc and consoles. Now the game can still be just a port (control wise) with the pc but any game company that states they have a pc version of the game seperate and doesnt include dx 10 or 11 is pulling the wool over your eyes.


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Thanks for the tip George!
Can you imagine how good Gears of War 3 would be if it was built ground up for PC?
I think they should have waited for Xbox 3 and then release GoW3 with updated graphics.
The current gen consoles are 5-6 years old and very outdated!