How to make a Transparent Spary!

Said I would do this so here I am again... I like helping others because it makes me cry less when I go to sleep

A transparent spray is an image that has parts of the picture blend in with the surface its sprayed on, instead of being a square image.
You will need 2 things
Photoshop or <this ones free (Paint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing)
A single image

I will amuse your using but both are basically the same
1)open the selected program and go file open

2)Now for the parts of your image you don't want to see, in your tool bar menu you will see a magic wand click it and slide the tolerance level above down to 25% now for any area that has the same region of color you can click on it with the wand and it will highlight the area press control x to delete the area. when an area appears to be like a checkerboard this means it will be transparent in game. this works best when its a cartoon or image on a white background due to its simple colors

3) File save anywhere you want, It will ask you for bit depth pick 32 for best quality!

Works for any source game such as pong, golden eye(n64) or call of duty 4
I will do a moving transparent spray next... ask 4 helpz if you need it