How the Durbin Amendment Affects Banks, Credit Unions, Merchants and You

how surprising, a bunch of overpaid idiots who are suppose to represent the people, are fucking the people over, one bill at a time. I use my debit card for just about everything, now I'm gonna have to go get cash from an ATM or something. Our government seriously pisses me off though, just thinking about all the useless bullshit that we fund with our tax dollars.


'Green energy' is one of the biggest scams happening right now.
Most of the government spending goes to entitlements which people have paid into. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as overall military spending also account for a large amount. Very few of it goes into discretionary spending and most of that actually does a lot of good. While I agree there needs to be some reform, things such as low interest student loans and NASA space programs are very important ( a lot of the best technology and consumer goods we have came directly from NASA research).

Lastly, green energy is a scam. While it's good to minimize consumption and help the environment I gotta agree. I work at staples and all we do is put a green sticker on and say it helps the environment. In reality it's the same product with different packaging and consumers are duped into spending extra cash to buy it.


The 47 Ronin
Lol green energy is still in development and it does help the environment but still its not at its peak. And just to add Hybrid cars are bullshit... their batteries are in-disposable and die out in matter of couple years.

Anyone uses a credit union? I use Kinecta because Raytheon offers its employee premium membership thingy so my dad gets free checking/saving and no charges on useless crap that Chase and some other banks charge you.