How many hours ya got under your belt?


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I was just wondering how many hours you guys have logged on CS:S and L4D2 mainly, but feel free to brag about playing WoW for 100,000,000,000 hours

CS:S: Just broke 1000 hours at 1006

L4D2: 207 hours.

TF2: 18 hours and not playing anymore.

BFBC2: 9 hours and not playing anymore.

Now to show how cool I really am, Hours in last 2 weeks: Almost 81. lol
CSS: 80 Hours
CS 1.6: according to steam its 505 hours but if you include from before cs was on steam oh god, I don't even know myself. I literally played from the time I got home from school until I had to go to school again and just slept at school lol.

I got source during the summer camp sale for 5 dollars which was in July.
From most to least (well, to about 100 hours least)

WoW: I have played many many characters over the years but my paladin main had 70 days played last I checked. That was almost two years ago now.
MW2: 537
CSS: 473
TF2: 92
BC2: 91

League of Legends would be pretty high, but there is no way to tell. Same with minecraft.


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heh. i never bothered to look before. i also played from 1.3 to 1.6 on a fairly regular basis.

Counter-Strike: Source
13.5 hrs / 1011.1 hrs
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Sid Meier's Civilization V
9.1 hrs / 264.8 hrs
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I dont know how you guys are getting these numbers, but Ill pull mine up which only tracks the time in which I have xfire running while I play games, which is 90% of the time...
world of warcraft: 5,196 hours
counterstrike: 1,766 hours
heroes of newerth: 603
team fortress 2: 397
modern warfare 2: 368 hours
city of villains: 298 hours
diablo 2: 217
warhammer online: 184
warcraft3 :156, btw I havent even had xfire since I had warcraft 3, all of my warcraft 3 gaming went down 5+ years ago lol
starcraft 2:131

this list goes on forever... I have about 30 more games under 100 hours lol.

el jorge loco

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I know I have more hours on many of my other games on Steam, but for obvious reason (especially offline play time) not all times are listed.

CS: 1100+ hours


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I'm loving the numbers haha

I've racked up ab out 600 hrs on source. But I've been playing CS on and off since beta came out in 99 so its not entirely accurate...hehe