How do you hold your mouse?

Palm, claw, fingertips for your mouse?

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So do you guys palm, claw, or fingertip grip your mouse? I get tons of recommendations on mice, but most people just say to get this one or that one without really mentioning how they use the mouse.

Also, does anyone have recommendations on mice? I should be getting a new one soon. I fingertip grip, sometimes claw. I use an Logitech LX7 right now mainly because of its size.

el jorge loco

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It honestly depends on you. I hate using my logitech mouse because it is super tiny. I need a new one that is portable. However, when I used my older mouse, I could rest my palm on it comfortably and fire it without discomfort.


The 47 Ronin
My logitech mouse from long ago was small.. so kinda gripped it.. but my Death Adder was Fat compared.. so my hand sits on it .. form fitting really


The 47 Ronin
takes a lil bit of getting used to.. like riding a bike and then riding someone else's bike.. your hand will learn to adapt with time..


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i fucking fail at polls. i hit claw and meant palm.

actually, it's not my palm, it's the meaty part of the hand between the palm and fingers

i have a mionix mouse and like it very much. if i were you, i'd go to a brick and mortar store and just feel all the mice you can in the price range you want, then come home and find it for cheap.
I have a g5 mouse and its a mixture between palm and fingertip, I rest parts of my palm on the mouse and never lift any of my fingers up like a claw.