Anyone on the forums hookah? Me and Surrender sesh all the time together. Just wondering if anyone else does.
We usually smoke AF(Al Fakher) mint because that shit hits the spot.
Sometimes we get Starbuzz or Fumari's (assorted flavors) which is local here in San Diego

Anyone own their own set(s) and what do you guys like to smoke (flavor/brand of shisha)?

I'll probably post my set up when I feel like setting it up and taking a picture of it lol.

el jorge loco

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Everytime I go to China....

Something about warm nights, cold beer and hard liquor goes well with hookah, even if they ash up to quick because they are being cheap.
i have a hookah buts its in slo right now. yea i hit up an assortment of flavors from cloud9. flavors: peach,mango,strawberry,fruit,mint,watermelon,white peach. BUT THE BEST IS: shesha + weed = magik hookah. at least thats wat we call it and that is the best. just grind some bud and sprinkle it on the shesha, mix with a fork until evenly distributed and then enjoy. ratio is up to u depending on how fucked up u wanna get.
Hookah and alcohol is always a good combo in my book. It's just super chill if you have good company also.

@soap I've never smoked cloud9 before and on the note of putting weeding into a bowl with shisha, I just think its a waste of weed lol.
I'd rather just blaze then enjoy a full bowl high haha.
but shesha + weed gets u so baked. and its diff cuz u dont feel it coming and then it hits u all of a sudden. and it tastes like flavoured weed.
For sure man, I smoke a few times a week with a couple buddies. We've been smoking Starbuzz of countless types since the 7th grade. You can't beat that shit. The best so far has been Tokyo 69 and mint


Hookah when you're drunk is so good. Usually smoke starbuzz flavors as well. I've never tried hookah with weed though, might give it a try.
This is my hookah not set up all the way though. Missing the hose and bowl. I just put it together real quick and took a picture to show everyone on the forums. It doesn't really get used much since I usually smoke out of Surrenders or our friend Ryan's. Probably try to post a picture of my friend Ryan's setup some other time since I have it with me at the moment.

el jorge loco

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Haha Jenn, I have a story about hookah and being lightheaded.

So in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, there are a bunch of smoke shops that sell a bunch of hookah paraphernalia as well as stuff for smoking other materials. So my friend I went in a bit late (30 mins before closing), but the guys running the shop were chill and let us stay and extra 10 minutes after. But we bought a full hookah and we SMOKED THAT SHIT UP HEEEEEELLLLLLA FAST! And I was woozy as hell, so we went to a bar and drank our night away ahahaha.

Good times :)