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Holy shit amazing deal on NEW RAM!


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Normally this ram costs about $190 for 32GB (4 Sticks) 3200 clock speed.

I got them for $120!!!!!

Here is how the deal goes.

Basically you apply for the chase credit card, its an instant application, if you get approved your Amazon account gets credited $50 GC instantly, then they also apply an additional $30 credit for using coupon code

Item(s) Subtotal: $189.12
Shipping & Handling: $0.00
Chase Visa Savings: -$30.00
Total before tax: $159.12
Estimated tax to be collected: $12.30
Gift Card Amount: -$50.00

Grand Total: $121.42

You can technically use this deal for any items....
So to recap.
Apply for the chase amazon credit card.
If you are approved your account gets credited $50 instantly.
Then during checkout use the code VISA30

And you are golden!
This ram gonna look so good in my system!
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