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The 47 Ronin
I been around for a while now, I ain't going no where. No matter what troubled start I had with 47R when I was a kid (know I was loud and annoying, and still am, I just try to tone it down), no matter where I pub, I still rep 47R in my heart. Just let me tag-up.

Your 47R CSS server could use help anyway.

Can a brotha get an amen?



The 47 Ronin
I'm getting confused now. Are Prez (PC for sale Prez) & Prezident the same person with 2 forum accounts?
If so, this is a re-app, right? I'm 99.99% Prezident was 47R but I don't remember the troubled part. I don't remember much of anything about anything though, so take no offense.


The 47 Ronin
Posting - re-app

Hi guys, yeas, this is the same guy. My in-game name for CSS has changed to OmniPrez.

Would really love to sport tags for community...

Thanks to those for +1, and v.kami for the tip =D

Name: OmniPrez (Nate)
Age: 29
Location: San Jose, CA
In Game nickname/nicknames: Prezident, OmniPrez, PrezzyBaby!, El Prezidente
Your favorite hobby: CSS, DJing on occasion... I work a lot, so this is my stress relief.
Your favorite movie: Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, Snatch, Lock Stock & Two Smokin' Barrels, Casino
Games you play: (Besides CS:S) - Battlefield
How many hours a week are you online: Crap...I'd say about 10 hours on average
Your previous squad/team: (Squad/Clans that you previously joined) - None
Why did you leave your last squad: (If applicable) None
How long have you been playing in our server: 2007
Why do you want to join The 47 Ronin: 47R is home, I don't really like playing on others...
Tell us about you: There's not much to know, I work in tech, live in SJ with my gf, I love my 2013 Fusion (Betty, she's a beaute). I'm a simple guy.

el jorge loco

Staff member
hey prez, yep you were a member before I was. But I remember that I have never had any issues when playing with you.

I am not sure why you quit in the first place


The 47 Ronin
Right on, thanks Jorge...

I don't remember ever being part of the community clan, but I was part of the competitive team with Ace and Spray at one point.

I don't remember quitting although you may be right. I do remember taking a long hiatus...

@IcEWoLF, do you remember any of this?

Either way, I'd love to sport the clan tags once again...


The 47 Ronin
ahh, this is a reapp? u could've just linked ur old ap, lol. reapps are usually quicker, but ice has been busy lately.