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Hey Everyone!

Cup Full of LOL

Real Name: Damon Reginald Hill (Age 25)

Occupation: I'm an A&P Aircraft Mechanic for ATI (Air Transport International) DC-8F

Birthplace/Home: I was born on 09/23/1985 in Queens, New York......I now live in Southern California in the city of El Segundo.

Hobbies: Work on Cars, Drift, Paintball gunnin', Swimming, Working out, Playing video games, and Canyon "Touge" driving.

Bio: I graduated high school in 2003, then went to Red Stone school of aviation to become a A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) later that year. I graduated in 2006 and became an aircraft mechanic for UPS (767's and DC-8F's), then Fed-Ex (DC-10F and MD-11's), now Air Transport International (DC-8F's). I love drifting the most as a hobby. I own 3 cars: a 240sx hatch, a 240sx Coupe, and a 1973 Dodge Charger. I've been married for a little over 2 years now for a little extra personal info. My favorite game on PC is Counter Strike Source which I've started playing 2 years ago. My favorite console game is the Gran Turismo Franchise. I own 1 dog (Siberian Husky). In person, I'm an EXTREMELY quiet guy. I open up more online/CSS I guess. My father/grandfather are also in the aviation field. My Grandfather worked on the famed high altitude, mach 3 XB-70 Valkyrie program in the late 60's. He was born in Birmingham, United Kingdom as my father. My father then returned to the U.K. in the early 70's after the XB-70 project had been canceled, but later died of a heart attack. I never got to meet the guy unfortunately, but had the honor of hearing lots of stories about him and the cold war projects he was involved in. My father on the other hand is a pilot for "Beechcraft" and resides in Homestead, Florida (south of Miami). My mother (who also passed away), was from Bogota, Columbia but was half white. This makes me 1/4 Columbian and 3/4 white lol.....or w/e. About the 47R server, I actually came back to the server because of Cutscene. He gave me shit once, so I came back looking for him, but loved the people in the server which made me come back anyways. Back then, my in game name used to be "Type Zero or sometimes Exile" if anyone remembered. (I know TonyMontana did). But anyways, in a way, I must thank Cutscene for being part of the clan lol. I'm pretty sure he remembers that too.:cool:


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Whats up cup, I know good people when I see them, u seem like good people, stick around in 47r man. you hittin up BF3 when it comes out?


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Do you have any pictures of your cars?? That sounds so fun.. I don't even got my drivers license yet!! I haven't attempted to get it. lol


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Lol Cup full of Life for sure :p

Stop raging and making Haze qq thats my job :p

Welcome back Cup cya ingame!!