Heroes of Newerth

I got that email today also. I played dota for a long time before hon or LoL his the scene. I moved over to hon while it was still in the open beta phase. While I was playing hon, I tried out LoL and thought it was dumb being I was too used to the dota play style which hon has basically almost copied. After a while, hon started getting on my nerves so I decided to give LoL another shot. Ever since I gave LoL that second chance, I love LoL and I play mostly everyday.

It's my opinion but I honestly think that LoL is better than HoN. Anyways, I do play have accounts for both games. Add Jakeypoo on LoL or HoN.

You're gunna find me on LoL more often than HoN, and in more often I mean LoL 95% and HoN 5%

Btw dehugger, do you play ranked? If so what's you're elo? Just curious.
dude jereziah is a fucking boss.. I wreck with him, you gotta know what skills to level first, heres the build for him, his heal nuke needs to be priority cause it hits for damn near half hp all early and mid game... heres build for first 4 levels then max out nuke and his bubble and ulti when its up. finish the slow last..
1: forget the name... nuke heal.
2: passive aoe slow.
3:nuke heal.
4: magic immune bubble.
then proceed to max out nuke heal and bubble untill those are maxed then max the aoe slow... the technique is to follow really closely too the enemy and nuke heal yourself while hes getting slowed so your teammate can wreck him.
and chipper is really good but requires some practice... all heroes are pretty balanced except for keeper. Keeper of the forest is OP as fuck if someone knows how to play him.