Help me out, Cosmos Case


The 47 Ronin
Holy hell its seriously making me want to swipe my CC! Help me out guys, tell me this is just a regular case and not to buy another one.. FML

its kinda cool, reminds me too much of bumblebee from transformers lol. i wouldnt buy it solely on that notion. i also dont like those strange bars running parallel across the top. there is my reasons for you to not buy it.
I actually built a machine with that case. it's not bad but too be honest for the money there are better ones. In fact the one I built for HAZE has a bad ass computer case ready made for any upgrade to watercooling. it was only $120 something dollars I believe. Back to that case though it's heavy, definitely made for water cooling but is super quiet with fans. The one thing I did not like is the fact that even though it shows room it really doesn't have as much room near the power supply so the 1200 watt ps didn't fit unless I took out the fans. Other than that it's a well built case but haze's case has the same exact watercooling holes and design for much less. So ya a little over priced but it is very, very quiet.