Hello, I go by the handle Sakin. I saw Icewolf's post on the EA forums and thought I'd check out your website. I must say from the little I've seen you guys/gals look a lot more organized and friendly than 90% of the clans that post on the EA website. I also saw you guys/gals are primarily based on the west coast which is nice for me, since I'm from San Diego. Gaming wise I use to be an avid CS 1.6 player even after source came out. From there I added BF2 to the mix and primarily played those two games for many years. From there I started playing WoW which sucked the life out of me. Luckily I broke the habit and started playing BF:BC2 and am now anxiously awaiting the release of BF3. I plan to frequent your vent/BC2 server as well as the forums in hopes of creating a presence in your community and getting to know everyone.


wecome to our forums! be sure to check out the postings on a future meet in SoCal. Our meetings are open to not just clan members but regulars and newbies. 8)


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WoW is a life-killer, no doubt - i played for over 3 years and ground out Rank 11 (Lt. Commander) in bgs before finally regaining my senses and my life about a year later lol

welcome to the forums, sakin :cool: