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Hello guys. I'm gonna tell you a bit about myself...

I enjoy playing CS:GO and also like to play competitive mode matches, if you want to play someday just let me know! ;)

I'm from México but don't worry, I speak english and spanish so that's not a problem.
I'm an Accounting and Finance student.
I like electronic music a lot, I'm also a bedroom DJ in my free time.

I've only been in the USA once, it was last month, I went to Orlando, Florida with my parents and we stayed at the Disney Swan & Dolphin Hotel. (Have any of you been in México? Which places did you visit? (y))

My favorites:
Book: The Analyst by John Katzenbach.
Brand: Apple
Soda: I don't drink soda!
Beer: Indio (It's a mexican beer like Corona)
Movie: I don't have a favorite one but I like action and horror movies.
TV Show: Breaking Bad
Steam Game: Counter Strike ;)
Music genre: House music (all styles like tech, deep, progressive, club, etc.)
Color: Black and White

Other Steam games I currently play:
-Killing Floor
-No More Room in Hell

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Bienvenido. I only went on a short cruise with family to Puerto Vallarta. I often call it Pewter Viagra because my white family can't pronounce it correctly. I didn't get to see much though. We were only land for only a few hours.

Es una lástima que Apple es tu favorito, pero yo puedo perdonarte. ;) También es una lástima que tomé de 5 años de español y nunca lo uso.

Hasta la pasta.