Hello to ALL


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(y)First I would like to thank The 47Ronin. For letting me join Group.
Lets see, I am a 21 year Retired Army, I am also a Reitred 20 year Retired Corrections Officer for the state of Texas. I have went back to work in corrections.Been back for the past 3 years. I love playing Games on the computer.I dont think 64 is to old to play games. I was born in Miami Fla.
Been to the Nam 68-68.Been around the world three times. While in the service. I like making new Friends. Iwas on another server for a long time.Had to let them go. Diden't want to up date to new games. I have some questions I will ask later. I do a lot of wood working..Texas and Texas Boot Clocks for people.Kind of a hobby. Well that about it. Once again Thank for letting me Join the server.


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you wouldn't happen to be attractive and/or wealthy would you? i'm trying desperately to marry off my mother-in-law to get her out of my house lol

welcome to the forums, snuffer - see you in the pub :cool: