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Hello out there


Being one of the older members, I don't get out at all now. I saw the post by DOnk3yPunch3r, and thought I would say hi. One thing we can all say is that this clan was well know in the other CS circles. Keep your heads up and know we left a permanent mark in the CS gaming world. I built a 6 core gaming rig, but then I moved to a very small town (Lind, WA) and while I have 10 MPS internet , most everyone else here, still has dial-up. So I don't game much anymore, I keep getting removed because of my internet connection speed. Stay safe when you have to. But play hard whenever you get a chance! Gary Kipfer


The 47 Ronin
My kids endlessly talk about Fortnite and other games, and my references are always, "Well, in Counter-strike..."

I've been working on a docked laptop for the last year, but I'm sure it could handle some CS:S if we get some random reunions going. ;)