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hello nice clan and server a little about me

[GFK]V a l v e

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i am mike i am 35 i used to be a c++ programer and now im in the electrical mechanical field i have worked all over he world iraq afganistan mexico columbia all the nice places wink i now work in the usa in one place yay
get to sleep in my own bed without camel spiders crawling up your cot sleeping bed at night or finding a 14 inch scorpion in your shoes when you get up in the morn anywho here is a breakdown of my history in the fps gameing arena

1 I started one of the biggest css clans in the usa ghost face killer clan .com back in 2002 and ran succesfully untill 2011 i restarted it this year at the hight of the clan i was running 5 dedicated computers i/e boxe's across america we hosted servers for other clans etc we branched out into the uk linked up with mani the guy that created mani admin mod and lduke it was crazy back in the day we were running nemod before it was even released we were #1 on game tracker for a year strait on 3 css server 32 man 40 and the usless 64 man there is a good chance you guys played on my servers back in the day this is the time of the redirecting servers that you would join and you thought you were going to another server and it directed it to ours all through scripts and setup were you used to be able to exec clients cmds by the server then valve got pissed because you could bind mouse1 to quit game ive even seen guys erase the client registry cfg and they would have to rienistall the game that was the end of that

2 our clan was bringing in over 1200$ a month just from donations for over 5 years i had over 500 clan members in game at anyone time and multiple admins through admin fees player custom skins and selling servers

3 i use vent, team speak , i have used about 99 percent of voip out there

4 lets see ive played / ran cod bf2,bf3,lfd,css,cssgo,killing_floor,tf tf2 gmod americas army ,etc,etc servers

5 i am currently shuting down the clan due to lack of player base due to my absence things feel apart from what ive been told

i curently have a kf server up a ccsgo server up a 25man vent up all empty so i think you know how i feel atm

im not the best player because i have not praticed in 4 years but im a great teammate and mature and willing to help out any way i can

!!! i joined your server today and felt welcomed by your clan and mature nature that was present i know its a job to keep it that way your server ran smooth even though you had a great deal of players mods and other games running on the same dedicated box the strugel is real to keep cpu spikes down with causes lag by data logs witch inturn can make players skip stop and bounce but i didnt see much of it today that i noticed and i live on the other side of the coast i host mine outa alanta ga cog net imap it was about the same .

i am going to try to be a part of the 47- ronin team one day well thanks for your time guys and gals


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Hi there, welcome to the forums and the servers!
We pride in having cool members in our clan and not random assholes, we try to make our servers a place where people can come every night and shoot the shit and have a good time with it.
If you plan on joining be sure to stay active on the forums and servers and get to know people when playing with them in game.


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welcome! uhm... do you have a TL;DR? :p I wouldn't mind reading it all, if there was more... punctuation. It's like a huge run-on, and my brain is too tired to think right now. :(


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Welcome to the forums! Thanks for the introduction. Maybe we will see you around. If this is a prelude to an application to the clan keep in mind we expect a lot from people before we allow them to become members and expect them to put in the time to "prove" that they are not a here today gone tomorrow type of person. Not to say that you are one of those kind of people since none of us really know you. Again welcome to the forums.

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Welcome to forums! Like Ice stated, just be active on forums and server to get to know everyone. we're a chill bunch *thumbs up*