Hello. I am Savage.Bo

Thanks for the warm welcomes once again guys! To answer a few questions:

benson: I dunno. Never really thought about applying for the clans. I did have fun at the meeting I attended in the hay days when Tony Montana was still around. The applications thing is closed anyways.

phokyu: where the hell did you go? are you NOT in Cali right now?? and yeaaa we're frannnzzz

built: oh my right arm is pretty buff in that picture huh? i normally "work out" with my left, if you catch my drift *drumroll*

tomkat: which market? the one by embarcadero or the one by city hall? i'm all over the place now a these days. i don't drive anymore, but i do work on Van Ness Ave and Pine St. which is pretty close to both markets.

raging: things were awesome overseas! i wish i was still there... because after coming back to the States, i really want to return to Asia now..

whitewallz: what it do home slice!

vinnie, fuzion, nutbutz: thanks! glad to be back!


The 47 Ronin
Perma move, I came out here for a job offer lol For sheezy! I'll swoop up midge and we can have a slumber party at your pad too hahaha