Hello. I am Savage.Bo

Nice to be back on the new forum. Nice to meet you all. I enjoy killing every one of you on the Dust2/Office server.


A little about myself.
-Born and raised in San Francisco.
-B.A in Radio and Television Broadcasting from San Francisco State University.
-Lived overseas for a year in Taiwan from 2010-2011.
-Back packed in South Korea and most of Japan, two weeks each.
-I've been a DJ for the past 10 years.
-I like to work on cars and race them on tracks.
-I can't swim.
-I love photography, and have been at it for the past 12 years as well. I started in high school with a dark room and developed all of my own photos, usually black and white.
-I eat a lot of food, and enjoy cooking for friends or guests.
-I am well connected in San Francisco. Hollar at me if you're ever in the City and I can try to arrange something for you (clubs, restaurants, city tours, etc).
-Been playing Counter Strike since 0.8. It's actually the only game I play because I don't own any consoles besides a PSP. It's CS:S or Gran Turismo/Forza.
Thanks Wolf. Hey can you check out the Pictures post thread? I think I multi posted a bunch. You might have to delete 2 out of 3. It said something about needing a mod to approve the post.


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that's quite the right forearm you got there, bo... been.... "working out" lately? ;)

good to see you around, man - missed you (no homo?) when you were gone :cool:


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Ever make it out to the farmer's markets in SF Bo? I work at a couple of 'em.

And good to see you back on the forums, and hopefully in server if I ever get a day off...