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Hello from Hamas Fatah

Hamas Fatah

It has been a long time folks, I hope everyone has been well.

I just opened Steam for a the first time in a long time and 47R was the first thing I thought of when I saw counter-strike in the library.

Recognizing many of the names in the forums brought back some nostalgia.

Does 47R still run Dust2/Office servers with no AWP?



Staff member
Hey there, unfortunately we don’t run a CS server anymore, been few years since most kinda moved on to other games.
We might consider bringing back the server.
Good to see you still remember us :)


The 47 Ronin
Kami and I play source almost every night. Kami still camps top mid on Dust2 in the alcove on the right.
only when i'm low on health cuz of all the nades stopping my long rush... or i know loco is comin up mid. but it doesn't matter, since i can't aim anymore, lol. i usually just rush, though.