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BANNED HeadHunter- Bad Aimbot

Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
# 435 3 "HeadHunter" STEAM_1:1:1771305 59:15 36 0 active 128000

SO I decide to log on while on my lunch break at work and I found that guy.

This is the ?Second? HAX ban I have ever done in the GO server. Normally it my ban hammer touches dumb asses, pricks or 10 year old kids telling me how good my mom's pussy was.

He set the aimbot to hit at random places, mouse movements were not normal. I about pissed myself when He whipped out the Bizon and had a spray pattern that is not humanly possible.

Literally the only part of the demo you need to watch is the last round when he Sprays his Bizon into the Tunnels. It was majorly obvious during pistol round but I did not get any of that on tape.

I will have a demo available upon request.

Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
My only concern is that I might not have enough good footage to cement this.

Some of this things that were going on to start with were total BS. Like the crosshairs "snapping" across the screen for a HS.

If this doesn't float your boat then I will relent and it can be overturned.

Like I said it is literally the last round recorded


Col. Gaspar

The 47 Ronin
what you need to be looking for is how the Bizon jumps around between shots to keep the impact on target. That three seconds of demo is damning as hell fire


The 47 Ronin
I've always said something in voice chat about him being fishy after he runs down banana or pops into long DD with a bizon, runs out pre-firing, kills 4-5 people while running the entire time with 90% headshots.