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HDD: Seagate or Western Digital (HGST)


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So far my Western Digital Blue 500gb thats 6years old still running great. My other WD Black 500gb is only 3 years old and never had problems on either so far. Very please with WD but I noticed lately their QC coming from Taiwan been not so great. Hearing lot of friends experiencing early failures on their WD. So far the ones build early 2000s seems to be the golden era for WD in terms of reliability and QC control.


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Kind of what I am hoping for, kick the shit out of waiting on disk access, read and write...

Samsung just release the 2 TB 960 Pro, in raid 0 that would sure be fun.
Here mang', so your don't feel too bad about your PC:

"The computers aboard the Voyager probes each have 69.63 kilobytes of memory, total. That’s about enough to store one average internet jpeg file. The probes’ scientific data is encoded on old-fashioned digital 8-track tape machines rather than whatever solid state drive your high-end laptop is currently using. Once it's been transmitted to Earth, the spacecraft have to write over old data in order to have enough room for new observations." -- Wired.com



The 47 Ronin
After about 6yrs of not buying internal HDD's, I finally had to buy some due to recent drive failures, within 10 days of each other. :cry:
  1. 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda.11
  2. 1TB Hitachi 7K1000.D
I opted for the Toshiba X300 4TB, since they were on sale for $90, as replacements. They avg about 150MB/s.

I also finally got a NAS to put my older 4TB Seagate drives to use (RAID5). I got them back in 2013, but they've just been sitting on a shelf since then cuz I totally forgot about them! :LOL: