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HDD: Seagate or Western Digital (HGST)


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I used to prefer Maxtor HDD then switched to Seagate. Yes, for storing pr0n. Last batch of Seagate HDD I bought, within a span of 3 years or so, vibrates a lot, so I switched to WD's. Have you guys had similar experience with Seagate HDD?

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I've been using seagate for many years and have never had any problems. My first pc had a seagate 128gb IDE, still have it and it still works. Since then, 250gb sata 6, 500gb sata6 and now my 2tb sata6. All mechanical and all still function. My current one when I touch it only feels like what I could call a hum. My case does have rubber shit on the brackets to absorb but still. Also, I do not hear it read. You know that sound. I mainly use it for media storage but I have plenty of games on it. Loads as fast as you would expect it to. I personally recommend seagate but honestly I have never heard anything bad about WD.

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I remember the old Hitachi Deathstars...

I think I've only ever had an issue once with WD - and that was partially user error on top of somewhat shitty quality equipment. I've never had an issue with seagate.

Lately, I've been back in the WD game, and I am not disappointed.


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Thank you for your comments. Below link is an interesting report. Maybe outdated already because tech' moves so fast. Also, as you commented, you have good experience with Seagate. I probably just had a 'not-so-bad' batch. I don't like vibrations from HDD because my PC case amplifies it into a hum and/or rattle. Yes, buy SSD, but I need a 'huge' capacities for pr0n.



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I've had every brand fail on me at one point in time or another, so I'm not brand loyal; I check reviews and become biased towards a specific model, though, lol. However, I gotta admit, I haven't bought many HDD's since the prices skyrocketed due to the floods in Malaysia (causing a shortage of motors) - it seems like prices never went back down! I guess that's due to SSD's, though.

As far as vibrations go, doesn't your case have the rubber grommets for the HDD trays? If not, it sounds like you need a new case instead of new HDD's. ;)


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Had bad experience with WD + Seagate.

My 4x Hitachi 2TB in Raid 5 have been running solid for 6 yrs at 24/7


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Like Kami, I've had all brands go bad, sometimes it seems the brands go on certain streaks of love/hate. I bought Seagates when their warranties jumped up to 5 years. I had a lot of WDs fail years and years ago and now they're back up top for me. My desktop currently has 5 diff brands running (use DrivePool) so I'm not too loyal either. :p