HBO: True Blood

cant beleive that russel kills off the authority leader....Totally thought he would get staked.

Im interested to find out whos killing shifters.

And the I-freet, fire demon thing, this season is getting weirder and weirder


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yeah. the wife and i kinda saw the russel thing coming - we knew it couldn't be nora (eric's sister) doing all this crap - way too obvious. but where it left off, with russel staking the head vamp and the rest of the Council, eric and bill watching... doesn't look too good for our anti-heroes, does it? awesome.

love the pam/tara story. tara as a vampire... phucking shit she's hot

now hoyt's kidnapped... i'm glad the guys that nab him are under the impression he's a victim and not a willing participant... hopefully, that'll save his dumbass from getting killed

i keep waiting for jason to become some sort of supe (he's turned into a were-panther in the books).

i really dig lafayette... but i find this whole brujo storyline a bit boring and stale. kinda has nothing to do with anything. at least the rest of the storylines have to do with the main plot line... mostly

i wonder if Quinn (pit fighting champion... oh, he's also a huge were-tiger bad-ass!) is going to make an appearance this season

last season, i was kinda disappointed the series wasn't following the books' storylines (think Game of Thrones), but i'm getting used to it and actually enjoying not knowing what's going to happen next week

this whole efreet thing (I-freet, efreet... same thing)... i just don't know, man. i dig terry's character... hope he doesn't eat it. not sure if/how they're gonna connect this line to the sookie/main-plot thing
Yeah the whole Ifiruit thing is stupid. They should only have like 4 story lines going at once, not try and get 6+ going.

I agree, Jason needs to hurry up and get powers.

Still Pam is probably my favorite non-main character.


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1) lafayette (omfg he cracks me up)
2) russel (no fucks were given)
3) eric (a little too broody for me, but still awesome)
4) pam (she'd be higher if she wasn't always pining for eric - but her one-liners rock)
5) jessica (she's hot. thank you.)

oh and, did you watch the previews after this week's episode? see jessica in the hole with jason? are they REALLY turning jason into a fucking vamper? lol

oh and (again), i don't think it was a vamp that killed sookie/jason's parents... i'm guessing it was a faerie...