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HBO: True Blood

Blood Fiend

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I missed the first airing, but caught a replay monday night...

SEASON 5 Has started Folks... Shockerrrr, Russel Edgington is back....

I say no more...


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His sister has a nice ass!
LOL :)
HE banged her like he meant it!

Anyways, this season should have a lot more action and excitement than last season to say the least.


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such a departure from the books... crazy. wife and i will watch it religiously tho, now that game of thrones isn't on anymore :(

btw, jessica is ... just, wow.



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Her Phone #? Facebook ? Twitter? Address? Bra size?.....???????
I don't actually know her. I had never heard of her until the show. Looked into it after seeing her name since our last name is pretty rare. I always get confused with the different types of cousins with all the once removed bs and whatnot, but I believe she's my second cousin.