HBO: True Blood


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This is a good show, I think has to be my third favorite on the list.
This show brings laughs, drama, and horror.
This is ranked the #1 show on HBO after The Sopranos!

I love Season 4 trailer!

Trailer S1:

Trailer S2:

Trailer S3:

Trailer S4:


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Can we not post video songs on this thread?
Mainly a discussion thread about the show.

Eric has to be my favorite character on this show...the evil one of course.

Blood Fiend

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sorry ice, i did post it there. ill remove it. i was just posting a site with a list of all the songs played on the true blood shows. alot of blues-roots songs, i totally dig there song choices

and yah eric is my favorite charicter, this new memory loss theme seems to be going in a cool direction.
A huge huge fan. It seems to get more ridiculous each season, which is saying a lot considering how outrageous the first season is.
Great great show. I must say I thought I had had enough of vampire crap but this show is on my top list for sure!

How is Sunki spelt. Lol a pretty weird name.


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Usually vampire movies or shows are somewhat lame, but this show just makes all the previous movies look stupid!