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Happy Birthday Fuzion!


The 47 Ronin
Happy Birthday to you Fuzion! Haven't seen you on in a while hope everything is all good!


The 47 Ronin
Whoa whoa whoa! Thanks a lot guys :D I turned 30 this year o.o, I should have stopped by on here just to check in and I havn't in a while. A little update on everything though in case anyone is interested.

2014 I got out of the military and took a job oversea's for a year

2015 job oversea's for a year

2016 Moved back to my hometown and started my computer science major at Penn State

2017 summer - landed an internship at a major hospital near me for the summer
2017 Transferred from Penn State to a local college Bloomsburg University and switched majors to Digital Forensics (Cyber security), absolutely love it.
2017 cont'd - Landed 2 jobs at the campus working in the veterans office AND the database center now on top of my GI bill income, life is great so far. Just have to keep my grades up. I have really done a good job at networking everywhere I go so far. I have a girlfriend that works as well and does a good job at income, so I'm really happy where I've come at life. However I miss this community though every time I come back to it and I wish CS didn't take a turn like it did, I would still be playing on the server. I wonder if I purchased a server for 47r myself people would play...;);)

I love you guys though, seriously. I hope everyone is doing well.

I stream quite often @ If anyone wants to play with me please msg me, I play PubG / Rocket League / Divinity OS2 right now.


The 47 Ronin
You must've learned the secret to freezing time if you can juggle school, 2 jobs, a gf, and still find time to game. :) That or perhaps you're actually a robot that never sleeps. I'm leaning toward that one.
Congrats man, always happy to hear things are going well and hope they continue. ;)