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The 47 Ronin
Only you guys would appreciate something like this:

I was giving my oldest spare parts to put together another desktop, thought I'd upgrade my CPU rather than buy him a new one.
Sadly it's already 2-gens (going on 3).



The 47 Ronin

My workplace was scrapping two i5 4570 systems, I took them home and bam! Two gaming computers were built next 2 weeks :)

el jorge loco

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How old is that one?
I just retired what I bought from @phokyu way back (3rd gen i7). Was still working like a champ too.
It was the later part of the year after the 1080 first came out (bought the parts over Black Friday/Christmas to get those holiday savings). It's starting to feel the strain over higher intensity games. Gets kinda hot when I play Cyberpunk. The mobo is taking a little slow to recognize the CPU (adds like 30 seconds to start up process from cold shutdown state).