BANNED Hacker in the server

Discussion in 'CS:S Ban/Report Archives' started by Jakeypoo, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Jakeypoo

    Jakeypoo New Member

    He's using a name changer so I only got his steam ID no demo at the moment.
    STEAM_0:1:37512130 03:11 157 0 active

    EDIT :left already.
  2. dallas

    dallas Member

    I went in to get him, he left when he saw a 47R had joined, so I saw him for a milisecond. I double checked the Steam ID and yes please give that an offline ban.
  3. Nutbutter

    Nutbutter Staff Member Moderator

    banned.... again if pressing issue send me an email... i get it on my phone and can ban from there as well. Thanks.
  4. dallas

    dallas Member

    Oh cool. Good to know from now on. Thanks Nuttles.

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